Production and maintenance capacity

  • Grinding and turning: Ø 2,000 × 14,500 mm (maximum weight 80 t)
  • Coating: Ø 2,000 × 14,500 mm (maximum weight 80 t)
  • Thermal spraying: Ø 2,000 × 12,000 mm (maximum weight 50 t)
  • Balancing: Ø 2,500 × 14,500 mm (maximum weight 50 t)
  • Roll maintenance: maximum weight 80 t

Furthermore, we have access to various machines and equipment for smaller-scale manufacture and maintenance needs.

Roll maintenance and coating services since the 1960s

Our company has gained extensive experience in roll maintenance and roll coating services already since the 1960s. Our current unit has evolved from the Tampere-based company AK-Tehdas Oy, which later operated under Vaahto Roll Service Oy and Vaahto Paper Technology Oy.