Mechanical maintenance

AK Roll Service’s broad maintenance offering covers maintenance, repairs and modernisations of all roll types.

AK Roll Service offers various maintenance packages ranging from inspection maintenance to full maintenance according to the customer’s individual needs. All maintenance packages include inspecting the rolls for any defects, which can then be repaired as extra work in connection with the maintenance operation.

We offer roll modernisations, repairs, replacements and covers through our AK Roll – one-stop-shop maintenance concept.

Our maintenance services ensure that the serviced rolls are in good technical condition and perform well as part of the process during their next planned operating period.

In addition, we can track each roll’s individual maintenance history and plan future maintenance needs together with the customer.

Modernisation aims at improving a roll’s technical performance and extending its service life.

Our maintenance services and modernisations are technologically advanced but still cost-effective.

Mechanical maintenance services

  • Full roll maintenance, roll inspection maintenance, maintenance of centre-supported rolls
  • Full suction roll maintenance, basic suction roll maintenance, suction roll inspection maintenance, suction box corrosion protection
  • Full deflection-compensated roll maintenance, basic deflection-compensated roll maintenance
  • Full zone-controlled deflection-compensated roll maintenance, basic zone-controlled deflection-compensated roll maintenance
  • Maintenance grinding of rolls
  • Dynamic roll balancing, roll centre balancing, roll dynamics measurement
  • Other maintenance operations and repairs
  • AK Shredder maintenance